New methods in sports risk assessment and performance analysis - 14th November 2020

The 7th International Sportmedica Congress will be organised by the Luxembourg Academy of Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Science, together with its partners on November 14th, 2020. The venue will be the "d'Coque" in Luxembourg.

“New methods in sports risk assessment and performance analysis" is this year’s congress theme and will feature 7 international speakers. The aim is to organise a practice-oriented congress, the target audience being trainers, coaches, medical staff members, players and scientists in the field. The different topics that will be treated are biomechanics, injury prevention, performance, anti-doping and monitoring.

The Sportmedica Congress will provide ample occasion to summarize existing knowledge and stimulate discussions between different stakeholders.

More information is coming soon:


LIROMS Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg Centre Médical Olympique Luxembourgeois
Société Luxembourgeoise de Kinésithérapie du Sport Société Luxembourgeoise de Médecine du Sport
Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports Ministère des Sports





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